I can hold on a little longer.

There are days that I have turned anthills into mountains.And there also days that have flipped the latter.There moments that have had those letting go scenerios,But there also days that I have been stubborn and stuck somewhere or to something even when my presence wasn’t necessary. I guess one of the most important lessons that […]

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We all just trying

I love people but moreso i love the sight of people going out there just to make something of their lives. I find it admirable and inspiring. Whether you out here trynna get your brand known, Whether you out here tryna get the right skills so as to solve a certain problem or develop something […]

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My heart in words;to her

I want to write a letter to you mum, I wanna tell how sorry I am for not fulfilling my promises, I know you say its okay; You say I still got time but we both know it would have been accomplished and if not completed; maybe I would have had made a couple steps […]

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